In-Cabin Meals

Our Chef Elmark has prepared a number of meal options for you to enjoy during your stay, all made from scratch on-premises, using the finest ingredients he could assemble. Just pre-order during the booking process or ask us upon arrival. If you need to top anything up while on-site, more food or drink is available at just a call or email away.

Rise & Shine!

-cabin kit-

house made granola + vanilla yogurt + Galiano berry compote

waffles + chocolate lavender sauce

1/2 dozen free range eggs

house made spicy sausages

fresh sourdough + housemade honey butter

olive oil + cream + raw sugar

fresh squeezed orange juice


delivered to your cabin prior to arrival

$65 + tax

Add featured bubbles!


Lightning Rock Blanc de Noir


$40 + tax


Heat & Eat

-cabin meals-

Chicken Tortilla Soup + Side of Corn Chips (gf) — $18

Roast Carrot & Coconut Cream Soup (vegan/gf) — $18

Thai Chicken Green Curry + Side of DIY White Rice (gf) — $24

Thai Tofu Red Curry + Side of DIY White Rice (vegan/gf) — $24

Elmark's Organic Beef Chili (gf) — $26

Braised Beef Short Ribs — $32

all Heat & Eat items are served in 1L jars

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Tranquilo, our pop-up restaurant, is temporarily closed but will reopen in the Spring/Summer intermittently as we begin to host events again. Follow us on Instagram to keep informed on special collaborations and dinners with guest chefs.