In-Cabin Meals

Our Chef Elmark has prepared a number of meals options for you to enjoy during your stay, all made from scratch on premises, using the finest ingredients he could assemble. Just pre-order during the booking process or ask us upon arrival. If you need to top anything up while on site, more food or drink is available at just a call or text away.

Rise & Shine!

-cabin kit-

house made granola + vanilla yogurt + Galiano berry compote

waffles + chocolate lavender sauce

1/2 dozen free range eggs

house made spicy sausages

fresh sourdough + housemade honey butter

olive oil + cream + raw sugar

fresh squeezed orange juice


stocked in your cabin prior to arrival

$65 + tax

Add featured bubbles! $40 + tax


Lightning Rock Blanc de Noir

Heat & Eat

-cabin meals-

Chicken Tortilla Soup

side of corn chips

gf - $18

Roast Carrot & Coconut Cream Soup

vegan/gf - $18

Thai Chicken Green Curry

side of DIY white rice

gf - $24

Thai Tofu Red Curry

side of DIY white rice

vegan/gf - $24

Elmark's Organic Beef Chili

gf - $26

Braised Beef Short Ribs



Tranquilo, our pop-up restaurant, is temporarily closed but will reopen in April intermittently as we begin to host events again. Follow us on Instagram to keep informed on special collaborations and dinners with guest chefs. 

120 Manastee Road

Galiano Island, BC 

V0N 1P0



Office Hours: 9am-5pm

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