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 Step into the Serenity of Galiano Island

Half the fun of Galiano is taking in the scenery, fresh air and abundant natural beauty. We are blessed with many parks, beaches and forest land in a unique climate that has the lowest rainfall anywhere on British Columbia's coast. 


When you arrive for your cabin rental, wedding or retreat, one of our friendly staff would be happy to provide you with a map and tailor-make a list of sights that you can enjoy, from fully reclined on a beach to the top of Mount Galiano.



Explore the endless array of activities that the island has to offer.



What's a vacation without food? Explore the best culinary experience on the island.

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What to Know

Know before you come. Take a look at all the must-knows before you pack for your trip.

Explore Galiano

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Galiano is a beautiful place to ride but please exercise caution! There are no shoulders on our roads and we advise that you let the ferry traffic subside prior to heading up.

Fuel up with an espresso at the Bowline Cafe or a snack Trincomali Bakery prior to leaving Sturdies Bay. 

You can rent an electric bike right by the ferry terminal from our friends at the Galiano Electric Bike Company

Have more than one bike in your quiver? We would recommend you bring either a gravel, cross or mountain bike. If you have something with fatter tires it is possible to link up paved roads, gravel and trails that can lead you to private beaches, beautiful forests and a few sneaky spots that you can't find on tourism maps. 

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Farmers Market

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Galiano has a plethora of trails from walks along the coastline, to ridgelines close to our cabin rentals to the spectacular Mount Galiano. For more information and maps, check out the Galiano Trails Society website. 


Difficulty ranges from mild to moderate. For local tips, be sure to hit up our staff!

On Saturday mornings from April until the end of September, you will find fresh Galiano-grown produce, local crafts, coffee, seafood and treats. 

Be sure to check out Cable Bay Farms, one of our favourite farms on the island!

Our serene shoreline is a haven for marine life and Gulf Island Kayaking is your gateway to enjoying it. The paddle to the provincial park on Wallace Island is a guest favourite.


For larger groups, Ben and his son Chessi at Gulf Island Kayaking will even bring the kayaks to you.

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Galiano is home to many artists that work in a number of different mediums.


From Bill Boyd's exquisite ceramics, to Kenna Fair's paintings there are many artist's to visit.

For a comprehensive list please check out the Galiano Art Tour Page.

If you are interested in any classes or pop-up galleries also be sure to visit our friends at the Yellow House Art Centre

As a wedding destination we are fortunate to have any last minute gift needs covered!


Galiano Island features a unique and challenging 9 hole Golf Course just a 20 minute drive from Bodega. In the summer don't fear, you can buy beer from their cafe and enjoy while you play there 9 hole course, and don't worry it is encouraged rather than shunned!

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Yes, we have included dining as an activity. The next most important step to planning your visit to Galiano, after reserving your ferry is reserving your table at Pilgrimme. Chef Jesse McCleery has created something remarkable on Montague Road, located conveniently just up the road from the famous provincial park.


Voted #3 Best New Restaurant in Canada by En Route Magazine in 2015, the menu is constantly changing with the ebb and flow of the finest local ingredients, both farmed and foraged (often by Jesse himself). Pilgrimme is notoriously difficult to get into so please be sure to reserve well in advance of your stay.

What To Know

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On Treading Lightly


Galiano Island is a small island with a very unique natural environment. We encourage you to leave a light footprint when you visit. Bodega recycles everything we possibly can from plastic wrap to light bulbs. Please be sure to keep anything recyclable out of the trash. As a business we strive to throw away the least amount of trash possible and we ask that you do the same. 


Be sure to make a ferry reservation if you are coming from the mainland, no matter what day of the week or time of the year. 

There is no extra cost and it can save you hours of waiting at terminals and unnecessary transfers.

The Weather

We are blessed with the least rainfall of anywhere in Coastal British Columbia. In the summer you can swim at some of our beaches while in the winter we do experience the odd windstorm or snow fall. Should the power go out during your stay we will provide you with a kit that includes a number of candles. 


Galiano has no bears or cougars to worry about. There are lots of deer, raccoons, mink and river otters, to name some of our furry friends. 


With very little standing water and plenty of ocean breezes, Galiano has very few mosquitoes. It should be mentioned that at the end of August there can be a lot of wasps. If you have an allergy to bee or wasp stings we advise that you bring an epi pen.

Health Clinic

While there is no hospital on Galiano, there is a medical clinic (1-250-539-3230). Should you have a medical emergency please call 911.


Galiano is policed by the RCMP. There are frequent Counterattack roadblocks year long. 


Fire Danger

From mid-April to mid-October there is a very strict ban on open burning. Please do not light any campfires anywhere on the island and please use common sense around smoking, disposing of butts, etc. 

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