What to Know About Galiano


On Treading Lightly


Galiano Island is a small island with a very unique natural environment. We encourage you to leave a light footprint when you visit. Bodega recycles everything we possibly can from plastic wrap to light bulbs. Please be sure to keep anything recyclable out of the trash. As a business we strive to throw away the least amount of trash possible and we ask that you do the same. 


Be sure to make a ferry reservation if you are coming from the mainland, no matter what day of the week or time of the year. 

There is no extra cost and it can save you hours of waiting at terminals and unnecessary transfers.

The Weather

We are blessed with the least rainfall of anywhere in Coastal British Columbia. In the summer you can swim at some of our beaches while in the winter we do experience the odd windstorm or snow fall. Should the power go out during your stay we will provide you with a kit that includes a number of candles. 

Fire Danger

From mid-April to mid-October there is a very strict ban on open burning. Please do not light any campfires anywhere on the island and please use common sense around smoking, disposing of butts, etc. 


Galiano has no bears or cougars to worry about. There are lots of deer, raccoons, mink and river otters, to name some of our furry friends. 


With very little standing water and plenty of ocean breezes, Galiano has very few mosquitoes. It should be mentioned that at the end of August there can be a lot of wasps. If you have an allergy to bee or wasp stings we advise that you bring an epi pen.

Health Clinic

While there is no hospital on Galiano, there is a medical clinic (1-250-539-3230). Should you have a medical emergency please call 911.


Galiano is policed by the RCMP. There are frequent Counterattack roadblocks year long. 


Telephone 1-877-604-2677     


Office Hours 9-5