Photo by Britt Gill

Photo by Britt Gill


Bodega Retreat Speakers, Facilitators & Friends. 

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Urszula Lipsztajn

Urszula Liqsztajn is an international coach, guide, speaker and author who helps people thrive. She integrates mindfulness and a positive psychology as tools for personal development and self-actualization. For over a decade, Urszula has worked with hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs from every sector including higher education, health and wellness, non-profit, retail, First Nations, start ups, and technology. Her company is a proud social enterprise creating positive change in the world. For more information visit Urszula here

Clients include Lululemon, Arc'teryx, Simon Fraser University, American School Foundation and SAP. 

"Urszula is a rare find as she has the ability to be a coach, mentor, facilitator and guide to individuals and groups. What struck me was the intimacy of her approach and how quickly she was able to get our clients comfortable and into the core of the session. I found it to be the most authentic and vulnerable session we've run, and the most productive as a result." 

-Keith Ippel, Founder, Spring University

"Urszula is a generous listener with a quiet confidence that helps me believe in ME with no BS. If you want to find your strengths and truly be yourself in any situation; If you want to be, lead and live your best life, You NEED Urszula!"

-Laurel Richardson, Program Manager People + Culture, lululemon


Gary Stephen Ross

Gary, who lives on Galiano Island, has spoken to audiences and conducted workshops all over the country. The Power of Story explains what stories are, how they engage audiences so powerfully, and why companies must evolve from selling a product to telling a story. Another presentation, The Ross Rules: 10 Ways to Create More Effective Content, has been embraced by business and nonprofit organizations alike.

Gary Stephen Ross has earned a reputation as one of the most admired writers, editors, and content experts in the country. His journalism has been honoured with half a dozen National Magazine Awards, and he has edited hundreds of award-winning articles by other writers.

From 2006 to 2012 he was editorial director of Transcontinental Media West and editor-in-chief of Vancouver magazine, where he solidified the magazine’s digital presence. In recent years he’s helped conceive and launch the Hudson, New York-based Modern Farmer magazine and the Brooklyn-based 8by8, a global soccer magazine. He’s also served as an editor-at-large for The Walrus.

As a founding partner of the book publisher Macfarlane Walter & Ross, he shaped numerous distinguished titles, including the No. 1 bestseller Boom Bust & Echo (by David Foot & Daniel Stoffman). His own books include the No. 1 nonfiction bestseller Stung: The Incredible Obsession of Brian Molony (which became the feature film Owning Mahowny, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman). He has also worked as a screenwriter, an advertising copywriter, a ghostwriter, a teacher, and a writing coach.

As a communications and content-marketing consultant, Gary has helped such clients as Fairchild Media, Vancouver Economic Development Council, Edible Canada, Clean Energy Canada, Parks Canada, Troubadour Foundation, Distinguished Restaurants of North America, Edelman Public Relations, Toptable Group, JOEY Restaurants, Aquilini Investment Group, and the Radcliffe Foundation.

Most recently—as Director, Global Content, at Destination BC—Gary oversaw implementation of the tourism-marketing organization’s content-marketing strategy, using journalistic techniques to enhance brand engagement and deepen corporate messaging. Using this “brand journalism” approach, DBC dramatically grew blog readership, time on page, and social-media engagement, and greatly reduced bounce rate.

“As someone who’s benefitted from Gary’s talent for making other people’s work better, I highly recommend The Ross Rules to anyone for whom writing is an important part of their skill set—meaning just about everyone.”

—Richard Siklos, VP Corporate Affairs, Time Warner (New York)

 “Gary’s workshop was exceptional and we received many positive comments from participants. In addition to being highly practical, the workshop was engaging and inspiring. Gary made us all realize we had the potential and the ability to be better communicators, and that great writing is a critical skill required for corporate and personal success.”­

—Robyn Crisanti, Director, Public Affairs, Port Metro Vancouver

 “Awesome! Nearly a year after Gary Ross did his presentation, I still reflect on how interesting and valuable it was. I wish that everyone I communicate with had absorbed his wisdom about how to make your communication more clear, concise, and effective. Every organization needs to know The Ross Rules!”

—Catherine Roscoe Barr, Travel Media Association of Canada

 “I can’t recommend The Ross Rules highly enough. As Gary Ross points out, everyone in an organization is expected to write effectively, but no one is being taught how to do so. He does a brilliant job of laying out the basics of good writing, using examples that strike home. His presentation is insightful, entertaining, and valuable. I’m already seeing a dramatic improvement in the writing in our office, and it’s all due to Gary’s work.”

—Bridgitte Anderson, General Manager, Edelman West (Vancouver); press secretary to former B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell


Christie Baumgartner

A graduate from the dance program at Ryerson University, Christie has been a lover of movement from a very young age. Since 2009 she has been both teaching and studying vinyasa yoga as well as yoga therapeutics in Vancouver and abroad. She believes that the mat is a vessel for continued self-inquiry and exploration. Expect some creative sequencing and great tunes from her class. She emphasizes a strong focus on breath, body awareness and offers juicy alignment cues.

Christie believes that all styles of yoga have their own benefits and that a well-rounded practise is key. Every day our yoga practise will evolve, and we should always honour where we are at in any given moment, energetically, emotionally and physically.

Christie is passionate about working with athletes and introducing yoga as a method of gaining greater body awareness and as a recovery tool to help prevent injuries through increased mobility. She has toured with professional athletes in Europe, with the BCBR throughout BC, worked with the Vancouver Canucks and has been teaching the UBC varsity teams since 2014. 


Jaqueline Jennings

Jacqueline Jennings is a entrepreneur coaching and business consultant based in coastal BC. Jacqueline has worked with high-performance entrepreneurs and retail industry leaders for over a decade. Starting our her career in film and with Microsoft EU, Jacqueline then spent years working with founding teams at Aritzia and Lululemon. She began consulting with early and mid-stage startups in 2012 with a focus on purpose-led vertically integrated retail businesses. Subsequently programming at Hootsuite founders youth entrepreneur accelerator  (TNBT) and works primarily with leading edge health, wellness and retail brands in the US and Canada. 

Jacqueline's approach focuses on working from a longterm vision to reverse engineer strategy. One on one coaching looks at whole-life vision as a starting point for business growth and development. Harnessing mindfulness, connection to nature and remembering our natural cycles, Jacqueline integrates a vision for individuals whole-life as a starting point for professional development and business strategy. This work is complimented by a natural setting and physical activities such as hiking and yoga.

Group facilitation and retreat can included programming to include personal and group visioning, legacy and leadership development, mentorship training, strengths exploration, strategy and planning and, when appropriate, rites-of-passage and ceremony. Cause sometimes we need a ritual to land that work.

When not working with clients, Jacqueline can be found on the Sunshine Coast, renovation her home, riding horses and gathering her community for bonfires and family dinner parties.


Camille Flanjak

Camille Flanjak has been stomping around the forest putting plants in her mouth since she was a toddler. Her studies of mushrooms began at the age of 10 when she accidentally fostered a colony of flies in her bathroom from an Amanita Muscaria. In 2013 she founded MuseumEats, a project designed to build value for forests through community food initiatives and wild plant and fungi workshops. A CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) with a penchant for rebellion, Cam enriches her understandings of food systems, sustainability, and socially balanced facilitation through the study of permaculture, wildcrafting, and wine. 

Certifications Include: Permaculture Landscape Design (Gaiacraft), Wildcrafting (The Wildcraft Forest, Lumby, BC), Clown Levels 1,2,3 (Fantastic Space Enterprises), WSET Levels 2 & 3, Standard First Aid, FoodSafe, ServingItRIght, and a Bachelor of Arts (UBC). 


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