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Bodega Ridge and Bodega Cove are year-round resort property located on Northern Galiano Island, ideally positioned between the two fast growing cities of Vancouver and Victoria.

A host of weddings, corporate & lifestyle retreats with accommodation, food service and a liquor license, we are a  full service destination that is a mere 50 minute sailing from the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal. 

After enjoying tremendous growth in the last fifteen years we are excited to announce the next stage of our expansion!


The mission of Bodega Ridge is to offer a unique & memorable island experience for our guests while maintaining a high level of quality and customer satisfaction in an environmentally responsible manner. 


The original Bodega Ridge property was built by Steve Oscko, beginning in 1979. Steve came from a position with MacMillian Bloedel in forestry and used to manage all operations on Galiano prior to founding Bodega. Steve literally had his pick of any site on the Southern Gulf Islands and selected these 23 acres for the southwestern exposure, ocean views and robust water supply. Having started the project in his later years, Steve managed to build and landscape the property before passing the torch to Jesse Keefer

In 2003, after a career as a cyclist on the North American circuit, he dropped out of university. He had no idea what he wanted to do. When he learned
that the owner of Bodega was ready to retire, he realized he had found his direction. He developed a business plan, raised the money, bought Bodega,
and embarked on the project that has challenged, obsessed, and excited him ever since.

Over the years, Bodega has become a popular venue for companies such as Lululemon, Arc’teryx, Vega, Estee Lauder, Canada Goose, and Earls—as
well as travellers from around the world. When guests are not busy with corporate matters, there’s no end of things to do and explore.

Jesse is always happy to share his love and intimate knowledge of the island, crafting custom itineraries. Kayaking and mountain biking. Jogging to Pebble Beach for a summer swim. Visiting Dionisio Park during wildflower season. Foraging for chanterelles in the fall. Enjoying a picnic lunch atop Mount Galiano, with its spectacular view over the Southern Gulf and San Juan Islands.

“I want people to have an exceptional experience,” he says. “We’ve put together a staff who share our values and have the same long-term vision.  My wife and I are raising our daughter here, and we want Edie to learn about community, sustainability, food security—how everything fits together.” The food-and-beverage program shows a commitment to local suppliers—small craft breweries and Vancouver Island wineries, fresh seafood from the Penelakut First Nation, vegetables from Sunshine Farms and Cable Bay Farm—to say nothing of Bodega’s own fruit trees and burgeoning garden. No wonder so many fine chefs (including Jesse McCleery, Joel Watanabe, Alex Ploughman, Nico Schuermans, and David Gunawan) have taken a turn in the kitchen.

At Bodega Cove, the sister property down the road from Bodega Ridge, Jesse is building out the next stage of his vision. In 2018 he transformed the original cabins into stunning fusions of modern and rustic. Next step will be an oceanside restaurant and bar. And finally a dock, for easy access to both properties. Actually, there is no “finally.” One project leads to the next. A guest’s offhand idea for a recording studio gets Jesse doing serious research. His wife’s design talents flow through future possibilities. Bodega Ridge will always be more than an internationally acclaimed resort. It’s an unfolding
creative venture that embodies the passion and vision of its proprietor.



Bodega Ridge has come a long way since 2003, both in terms of reputation and revenue generation. We are now looking for investment to capitalise on both the properties zoning potential in terms of development. 

The Plan:

Winter 2020

-tranformation of a waterfront structure at the Bodega Cove location into a fine dining restaurant, unpretentious yet sophisticated with strong focus on local ingredients and seafood

-construction of an outdoor structure for weddings, small concerts and events at the Ridge site.

-transformation of our barn into staff accommodation. 

Winter 2021

-acquisition of adjacent properties to Bodega Cove to increase our waterfront footprint, provide more accommodation.

-dismantle and replace the Bodega Ridge cabins to make the most out of our zoning and increase revenue. We have zoning for 8300 square feet of cabins, or 33 units at 250 square feet each. At present we have 7 cabins with a total of 21 bedrooms. 

-install a 10,000 KW grid-tied solar array at Bodega Ridge to power the property and offset power use at Bodega Cove

-construction of dock at Bodega Cove

-development of the farm at Bodega Ridge. Increased food quality, security and marketability. The farm with enable us to achieve farm status designation which gives us the benefits of lower tax and many write offs. 

Winter 2022

-build an additional 5 cabins at Bodega Cove (already pre-fabricated with the Ridge cabins)

-construction of 'nano' brewery at Bodega Ridge


The objectives of the expansion of Bodega Ridge include:

  • Maximize accommodation revenue, or highest margin revenue stream. 

  • Finishing the waterfront site will provide us with a waterfront wedding ceremony site

  • Optimizing our access by constructing a large dock to enable us to cater to boat traffic, offer water based activities and offer our guests floatplane access

  • The new outdoor structure at Bodega Ridge will enable us to host higher value weddings and more diverse events 

  • Attracting a higher paying clientele and creating more diverse revenue streams

  • Lowering our carbon footprint with the Gulf Islands first zero waste kitchen, the solar array and water catchment systems

  • Continuing our tradition of maintaining a 'hyper local' theme to our property. From developing our in house farm to using our sawmill to mill blown-down & selectively harvested trees for our building and finishing materials.

  • Transformation of our barn into affordable staff housing. With our new offerings there is a need for more staff. 

  • The Big Picture: Combined with other future projects we wish to promote Galiano as a global example that food, materials and energy can be grown, harvested and produced locally. In the not too distant future we plan to supply our own businesses with our own Galiano-sourced food, materials and beer!



Bodega Ridge has 7 cabins with a total of 21 private rooms, a large lodge featuring 2 meeting rooms, indoor and outdoor dining areas, a bar, commercial kitchen, 1500 square foot granite patio (that houses a wedding tent in the summer) and 4 staff rooms. Bodega is on 23 beautiful acres of gently sloping Southwest-facing land, positioned perfectly to appreciate the sunset. The existing cabins were constructed in between 1980-4 and renovated by Jesse in starting in 2003, with new reclaimed floors, updated furniture and with a style that was a balance between rustic and modern. Bodega hosted 31 weddings in 2019 and over 25 different retreats. 

There is development potential (up to 16 rooms) and a residential area that already has a gorgeous timber-framed owner’s residence. 

Bodega Cove was opened in 2018 and was transformed from a marginally function, semi-derelict property into a sensation, featured in everything from design publications in California to the Bloor Street Bull Magazine in Toronto. 


The personnel required for the two properties include the following:

  • Owner/Operator: Jesse Keefer

  • General Manager: James Langford Smith

  • Executive Chef: Elmark Andreas

  • Event Director: Angie Allen

  • Operations Manager: James Duff

  • Service Manager: Danica Berginc

  • Housekeeping Manager: Iris Pavia

  • Bartender: 1-2

  • Kitchen Support Staff: 1-5

  • Maintenance Staff: 2 

  • Cleaning Staff: 3-6

  • Serving Staff: 4-12



1. Bodega Ridge & Bodega Cove


Existing Revenue Centres

  • Accommodation, Food & Beverages

  • Tranquilo Restaurant and Catering program

  • Nimma Nimma Gelateria

  • Weddings including catering, F & B and site fees that include the rental of all our equipment

  • Corporate Retreats with clients such as British Columbia success stories Lululemon, Arc'teryx, Earl's and Vega

  • Yoga Retreats

  • Cabin rentals (strictly accommodation)

  • UBC Faculty Retreats and Research Summits including the Canadian Institute of Advanced Research

  • Partially subsidized non-profits. Access to Media (Aboriginal/Disadvantaged Youth Program), Black in BC Mutual Aid and The Power to Be.


Future Revenue Centres

  • Retreats branded and programmed by Bodega Ridge. Corporate, educational and self improvement.

  • Culinary/Foraging Retreats led by our Executive Chef

  • The Shop at Bodega Ridge.

  • Bodega Ridge Farm

  • Bodega Brewery

Bodega will continue its evolution to become unique, modern and a very unconventional ranch, complete with a farm operation that will support our catering. The end goal is for both properties to be an example of how to run an extremely profitable business in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner. We will develop our own culinary identity, promote our own retreats with hand-picked ambassadors, and better serve our existing clients with more recreational opportunities now that we will have both a ridge and waterfront location. 


Facilitated Through:

1. Upgrading the waterfront building at Bodega Cove

2. Developing a vision for our culinary program with a strong focus on local ingredients and supporting local farms. Where Bodega Ridge is very driven towards private functions, the restaurant at Bodega Cove will be open and accessible to the all visitors and the Galiano community. Welcoming and warm, high quality but with zero pretension with a unique dining facility and a dock that will be used for yoga, weddings and special events. Most importantly, the preeminent example of a sustainable resort: a zero-waste kitchen, sophisticated rain water catchment system, solar field on roof and three charging stations for electric vehicles. 

3. Conversion of the barn into low cost housing for our growing team

4, Construction of outdoor structure for large future events and socially distanced weddings for 2021.

5. Developing a farm for future food security, reducing our carbon footprint and increasing the freshness & quality of our ingredients. 

6. Retaining of our key staff members and continuing to attract high level talent, in addition to investing in local community-based talent from the high school age through mentorship programs.

7. Making Bodega more memorable, property will be speckled with nooks with hammocks, sculptures and platforms for meditation, yoga, meetings and personal training.

8. Activities. Fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking and Diving. Jacques Cousteau rated the waters of North Galiano to be the second best dive site in the Northern Hemisphere. (Bonus! Diving is best in the winter months when the plankton levels are lower and water clearer).

10. Improved Access: boat traffic and float planes at the Cove and a shuttle van to pick up foot passengers & cyclists at the ferry to reduce vehicle traffic. 


Facilitated Through:


1. Large scale renovation of the existing waterfront building commencing in Fall 2020.

2. Acquiring both a restaurant and liquor license, which the property already has zoning for.

3. Construction of the dock in 2022 to serve as a launch pad for activities and a point of access to both properties. (we already have a 12 passenger Mercedes Sprinter Van to shuttle clients between the 2 locations)

4. Acquiring a fleet of kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and a filling station to service divers.

5. Capitalizing on the relationship the existing Bodega Ridge, finding efficiencies in everything from laundry to staff.



Galiano Island is experiencing rapid growth in both the tourism sector and housing market. With the introduction of two new BC Ferries vessels in 2017,  sailings will double to 8 per day between the mainland and Vancouver Island. We are extremely excited about this project. To repeat: the timing is optimal. Galiano has been seeing a large increase in traffic over the last 2 years, and-in light of the media attention the island has been getting, the new BC Ferry traffic next year, the believe the boom is just getting underway.

In 13 years Bodega Ridge has gone from being very seasonal property to a year round destination with a packed calendar from mid-January until mid-December. Much of our marketing has focussed on how Galiano feels like it is a world away, but not far away and this is entirely the truth. At only a 10 minute floatplane ride from the South Terminal at YVR or a 50 minute ferry ride from the mainland it is no wonder why so many companies are choosing Bodega for their corporate retreats. This travel time will be further reduced upon the construction of the dock at the new waterfront location where seaplanes will be able to land directly at the property. 

Our clientele are looking for a unique experience not offered on the Gulf Islands in any existing form other than Bodega Ridge. 


Competitive Advantage

  • Location. We are a short trip away from Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle. We are much closer than Tofino, Whistler or the Okanagan. Galiano is the first stop on the Gulf Island ferry run, a mere 50 minutes from Tsawwassen or a 15 minute floatplane ride from YVR

  • Waterfront: With the construction of the dock at the waterfront location, our corporate clients will be able to fly directly to the property from Vancouver. The dock will attract the affluent yachting community and be a launch boat for waterfront tours, fishing charters and whale watching. (all done through sub-contractors).

  • Weather: Galiano has 40% less rain than Vancouver and rarely any snow. Galiano is a year round destination

  • Access: Guests flying into YVR and easily take a shuttle and float plane to Galiano. Compared to Cortes Island's Hollyhock for example, we are only a 20 minute flight from Downtown Vancouver. Ferries arrive from Vancouver, Victoria and the other Southern Gulf Islands frequently. 

  • Recession Proof: Weddings are a surefire source of revenue. During downturns, clients that would otherwise seek farther away destinations stay closer.

  • Pre-booked events control costs & increase profit margins: Our formula of pre-booked events controls all of our costs, from staff to ingredients. This reduces staffing and increases efficiencies across the board.

  • Captive Audience: With the additional property we have 100% of the commercial zoning at the north end of Galiano Island. When you are at Bodega Ridge you have to drive 20-25 minutes to any other grocery stores, restaurants, etc. 



  • Bodega already has the demand for additional accommodation.

  • Have a restaurant improves the customer experience and the average ticket price per guest

  • We have a liquor license that enables us to serve at the restaurant and sell off-sales to rooms. 

  • development of our own branded retreat program. No longer will we be sub-contractors giving reduced rates.

  • offer promotions to existing corporate client’s staff.



Bodega Ridge has a beautiful, efficient and modern website using professional shot photography. 

Our marketing strategy consists of:

  • Our website: www.bodegaridge.com

  • social media. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter Campaigns.

  • Partnerships with social media influencers

  • paid advertising on Google to maintain a high position in search results.

  • Strategic partnerships with corporate clients.

  • Using the property for strategic advertisements. See an example here of Postmark Brewery

  • PR. Using strategically comped rooms in exchange for articles.

  • We have a CRM system to maintain contact with our loyal client base. 




The growth plan attached will detail a strong and realistic projection[i] for growth over the next three fiscal years from FYE 2017 Oct 2016- FYE 2019 Sept 2019 at 24%, 26% and 12% revenue growth respectively. Net income is projected to be strong ranging between 30%-32% annually. Serving the proposed $1.4 MM loan is entirely possible within even current (FYE 2016) and future proposed cashflows. There is some minor stress on cashflows in Year 1 (FYE 2017) due to the capital spending required to incorporate Madrona resources into Bodega operations but with proper monitoring of budgeting, and by capitalising on vendor terms this is a temporary position. Because net income is so stable and strong, cashflows quickly return to robust health following the completion of the FYE 2017 capital spending projects.

The details of all loan financing, capital spending budgets, COGs, cash flows, sales forecasts and growth plans are detailed in the following plan.

Bodega Ridge is financially well-poised to acquire this level of investment and operationally creative and resourced to execute flawlessly against their plan for growth.

Information Enclosed:

  • Three fiscal years are presented here in detail on a month-by-month basis by preparing a forecasted P&L for each year and each includes summary statement of cashflows:

o   FYE 2017: Oct 2016-Sept 2017 (Year 1)

o   FYE 2019: Oct 2017-Sept 2018 (Year 2)

o   FYE 2020: Oct 2018-Sept 2019 (Year 3)

o   Summary 2017-2019.


  • Capital investment spending budget tables for Year 1 and Year 2.

  • Detailed explanation of all assumptions exercised to create the 3-year plan.




Site Fees:

  • Charged for weddings to offset investment in tenting, linens, dishware and other equipment.


Service Charges:

  • 18% premium on Food and Beverage spending.

  • Over and above any quoted values to Guest and cited ‘event values’ in this plan.

  • Tips are paid to staff from this fund.



  • This is accommodation required by all guests coming for both events and stand-alone stays.


Food & Alcohol

  • These are purchased meals and drinks by the guests.

  • Only the food spending is captured in event values in this plan as Liquor spending is over and above the quoted values beyond a minimum spend.


Staff Rent

  • Depending on the agreement with the staff member, they may pay rent for their time at Bodega.

  • This is an incentive for the staff member to view their rented space as their own and with respect.


Type of Events

Bodega currently books three main types of events Yoga Retreats, Corporate Retreats and Weddings. 1 or 2 night ‘General Accommodation’ stays are distributed throughout the gaps in the schedule. Bodega has many Yoga and Corporate retreat regulars who are a good resource for some stability in predicting bookings.

Working with the team at Bodega Ridge to host our leadership offsite gatherings is an absolute dream! The cabins make for the perfect accommodations for our group, the meals are always delicious + so nutritious and the gathering space in the main lodge that we use for planning meetings, leadership development work and yoga practice is cozy and convenient. We love getting away from the city to retreat in nature as a way of fuelling connection and creativity. And above all, the staff really goes above and beyond to ensure every detail is considered and taken care of. I feel grateful to know this special place! -Christa Hull, Sage, formerly Lululemon


Corporate Retreats

  • Growing in momentum.

  • Higher revenue spends due to larger budgets and willingness to enjoy full range of Food & Beverage service.

  • Greater capacity than Yoga retreats to upsell on future increased amenities such as water activities, tours, Bodega picnics etc.

  • Clients include companies like Vega, Lululemon, UBC.

  • Average historical value ~8K/event.


Bodega Ridge has been a home away from home for the past several years for myself and our teams that host for off sight retreats! Many resorts can be found in BC and I have experienced most of them but the hospitality of Jesse Keefer and his team is what keeps me coming back time and again. The coziness and warmth of the rooms to the exceptional and addictive food and of course how the team at Bodega hand over the resort to our team as a way of saying 'this is your home' is extraordinary. I have recommended this resort multiple times and am excited to be there again in a couple months! Thank you Jesse for making us feel welcome and going above and beyond our expectations every time we make Bodega our home.

-Craig Blize, Vice President of Operations. Earls.

Bodega Weddings

  • The anchor revenue and margin driver for Bodega Ridge. Greatest share of revenue.

  • Bodega Ridge offers a rustic, yet refined, wedding experience in a majestic and remote setting.

  • Weddings usually take place over 2 ½ days; from a welcome BBQ to the ceremony to a closing brunch.

  • Weddings are largely booked in the high season April-Sept, largely over the weekends although there are increasing numbers of mid-week weddings.

  • Bodega has a large outdoor tent in the summer. Can facilitate wedding events here and/or in the main house.

  • Guests are the focus of Bodega management and staff and receive a genuine, highly quality and personal service.

  • Guests are willing to pay an increasing premium for this service and the setting.

  • Average historical value ~$40K per event


“We chose Bodega Ridge for our wedding last year. Upon speaking to Jesse and seeing the site first hand, it became quickly obvious that this was the 'good fit' we had been looking for. Jesse's easy going manner put our anxieties at ease. Jesse listened. He was able to hear out our expectations and facilitate everything we needed and more. He didn't come out, sales pitch ablaze, talking about how awesome Bodega Ridge was and how he deserved our money. Moreover, he did not bad mouth the others we had already seen and considered (even if they were easy to poke fun at!). In a word, he was very professional.

By all accounts, the product itself never disappointed, as in so many instances when an experience is incongruent with its own branding. Quite the opposite: the Bodega Ridge experience was very much the delivery of what was promised on the website and in consultation with Jesse.

Nothing was hidden, we felt like we could make use of the property and see the best it had to offer. Amazing, did I add.

Most importantly however, Jesse was a lovely host to our families and friends. He personally oversaw nearly everything and stayed completely focused, yet remained almost completely in the background. Even though I was busy, one thing I did notice was how excellently he treated his staff. That's always a hallmark of a good guy and a good business. The food, by the way, was excellent. I am still thinking about it now.

As a person in marketing myself, I admire Jesse for being transparent, for sticking to his guns, for being patient and respectful, and for not treating us like a distraction from 'something more important'.

I am sure it's a lot of hard work (to listen to everybody and their requests) and much behind-the-scenes agony to pull a wedding together but you would never guess, Bodega Ridge is a wonderfully relaxing and inspiring place, a little like the owner himself.”

– David & Cheryl



Jesse Keefer, Proprietor

Jesse has been operating Bodega Ridge since 2003 when he took it over at the age of 29. From that time he has worked on all aspects of the property's development from the carpentry, landscaping and improvements to the execution of marketing & public relations campaigns. Prior to running Bodega Ridge Jesse was a nationally ranked cyclist with medals in both the Provincial and National Championships. 

Jesse's father Bowie was a big influence on him. A world-renowned environmental scientist with a penchant for trail building, Bowie helped reinforce Jesse's strong community and environmental based values. 

James Langford-Smith, General Manager

James comes from us from running both Vancouver's Bao Bei and Kissa Tanto, the latter which won Best New Restaurant in Canada by En Route Magazine under his guidance. He has a diverse background with experience in working both in big cities and small towns like Tofino.

James Duff

James Duff came to us from Vancouver's Wedgewood Hotel, one of the highest rated properties on the West Coast. 

Angie Allen, Event Director

James Duff, Operations Manager

Elmark Andres, Executive Chef

Danica Berginc, Service Manager

Media & Press

Bodega Ridge Article NUVO Magazine

Montecristo Article on Bodega Ridge

Peaks and Harbours Interview with Jesse Keefer

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